In this week’s blog I’m going to talk about Festivals, and seeing as I don’t really have much experience in going to them I will talk about the weekend where I went to Latitude Festival in 2012 to see one of my all time favourite acts ‘White Lies’ (as well as the very reputable Paul Weller and the slightly gothic yet still awesome ‘Horrors’)

It started with a three hour drive to Suffolk on a glorious Friday afternoon (well I say glorious, it was sunny but that didn’t bode well when stuck in sweaty traffic on the motorway for hours). Anyway after a three hour drive, it took us…yup about another three hours to park, as we kept driving from one car park to the next only to be told “no sorry this isn't your drop off point” or “your car park is two miles that way”, I was ready to scream! But hey at least we hadn't got the car stuck in mud…yet. Yes that’s right driving to our destination which would FINALLY be the correct car park I managed to get my mates brand new white Fiat Punto stuck in the mud, and to make matters worse had to have a kind but none the less female assist me out of the predicament. The man in me was cursing the situation to the hilt.

By the time we were settled and had set up camp on Friday evening I was ready to sleep, however the act that I was there to see were about to grace the stage. So it was off to The Word Arena to see the mighty White Lies, and boy did they deliver. I remember managing to squeeze my way to the front of a tent packed in with no less than fifteen thousand other adoring fans to embrace the atmospheric sounds they are so famous for creating. After the show I was drained of that much energy, a little bit wet and VERY muddy I decided to call it a night, yes that’s right on the first night of the festival I went to bed at about midnight…rock n roll I know.

Day two was much of the same wet, muddy but rather happy atmosphere. I have to say some of the things I saw I would gladly pay lots of money to see again. For instance I saw a man in a full suit of armour chasing a sheep that had been died bright blue down a muddy track. Then there was the music, The Horrors who I have never been a huge fan of but always appreciated really surprised me. they were much better than I had anticipated and I can honestly say to this day they are the most pleasantly surprising band I have ever seen live. By about eleven o’clock on the Saturday evening after drinking alcohol since I rose in the morning I was ready for bed when on the way back to camp we stumbled upon a silent disco sponsored by Lucozade! This was simply too good to miss. For all those who aren’t accustom to a silent disco it is basically hundreds of people dancing around with headphones on to completely different music than each other. And what’s more they were giving out Lucozade completely free! Brilliant the perfect stimulant to keep me awake and able to party on through the night. Now let me give you a very important piece of advice #WonderFans. If you have been drinking alcohol solid for about fourteen hours, don’t then try and keep yourself awake by drinking three litres of Lucozade in fifteen minuets because it WILL turn your bowls to gravy. I offer you this advice because I learnt the messy way. I shamelessly shat myself at one o’clock in the morning at a silent disco, so you can imagine what that sounded like to all those without their headphones on. I was done, ready for bed (after cleaning up of course)

The next morning I was ready to go home so in traditional festival fashion I left my tent up and headed for the car park. So after a weekend of alcohol, sheep chasing knights of the realm and a major case of IBS my festival experience was over. Sure it was muddy, wet, and extremely cramped but I absolutely loved it and wouldn't change it at all.

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