1: Moving home:

For those of us that haven’t been blessed (or sometimes cursed) with the glorious privilege of full time employment, the great likelihood is we’ll have to move home. Now moving home isn’t all bad. The rent is cheap, or even free, the food is plentiful there are plenty of great things to look forward to when finally coming back to living above the poverty line. There is however one major problem in all of this…parents. There’s every chance you love your parents, but no matter how much you love them, cashing in your independence chip and getting back a parental figure for the first time in 3 years is not going to be easy. Being able to leave the washing up for a few days longer than you should, will now become a thing of the past, prepare for the nagging to come. It’s inevitable that true, pure adulthood and independence may well have to be put on hold during this trying time.

2: Packing:

If you are moving home then you’ll have to go through that nasty ordeal we all like to call packing. But this isn’t an ordinary pack, oh no. Packing for a long weekend…fine. Packing for a two week holiday…still fine. Packing up everything you have ever owned up until this point in time over the course of a couple of days…I think I may be sick. If you aren’t very organized when it comes to the things you own I highly advise you find someone who is, for there is nothing that makes a task like this become your personal hell quicker than having to think for yourself while doing it. Blindly moving objects from one place to another under clear instruction however makes it all a bit more bearable. In my case I had my particularly enthusiastic girlfriend to chivy me along. To conclude, if you know you hate packing like me, I recommend finding your own didactic field marshal and the whole operation should be FINE.

3: Looking for a job:

When looking for a job I imagine most of us who have just finished uni will be experiencing the greatest flaw in English education. The horrible catch 22 situation that is awaiting grades. How can a uni allow you to finish without letting you know your results? This means you can’t apply for any jobs that require the degree you’ve just worked your arse off for until suffering at least 2 months of no results limbo. The other issue when applying for a job is a post-graduate’s now over-inflated ego. I personally belong to the school of thought that feels this ego inflation is totally justified. We went through 3 years of educational boot camp, so no we will not apply for a job as the line manager of a Tesco express!

4: Loss of structure:

For the first time ever we decide our 9 to 5. This could be dangerous! In the past we've had our entire existence scheduled out for us, by another human being. Previously we’ve been taught if we stick to the structure set out before us, then realistically, we’ll be heading in the right direction. Now the direction we head in is entirely in our hands. That’s not to say you should run out and get a job so you can get a schedule back. I think the opposite applies. While you’re waiting on those grades use this time to reflect, what do you actually want to do? I for one know I would make the most terrible employee; hence I’ve opted to write blogs like this and chase the dream of music. Just remember you’ve put a lot of time and money into being in the position you are right now, so think carefully about how you proceed. What dreams do you have? What could you being doing right now to make them real? Find the answer to those two questions and whatever schedule you end up with I can guarantee will make your very happy, even if it means you aren’t earning a fortune at first. Although your parents might convince you a steady job is more important, fuck that! Do what makes you HAPPY at the cost of anything else!

5: Stress:

Just looking at the previous 4 items on the list is making me wonder why my insides haven’t yet melted while dealing with all of these massive upheavals. It’s ok, we all get stressed out, and this transition is equal to, or maybe even more strenuous than meeting that past dissertation deadline. But remember just like that deadline was, this to is just temporary. The fact we’ve made it this far and are finishing our degrees lends itself to our already ingrain ability to process and handle stress. By this point in time you’ve probably made your life long friends, they’ve supported you through everything, now you’re going through this final life changing experience and many of those friends may even be going through it with you. So spare a thought for your buddy down the road they’re probably feeling it too, help each other out and go kick the crap out of stress!

Power through post-graduates and enjoy the hell out of your summer, and as always, thanks for reading #WonderFans