The Wondersmiths

July 2014

The Band That Changed it All for Me

There aren’t many songs that you can honestly say you remember exactly when, where and how you first listened to them, and there are probably even less bands that manage to achieve this over and over again with the tracks […]

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Trial and Error: My first month as a full-time musician.

When you think of what a musician is, a few things probably spring to mind. Someone who creates loud but wonderful noises, a person who spends their time split between a studio and a stage, a person who somehow makes […]

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The Wondersmiths’ Emerging Artist Guide: what is ‘fair pay’ for musicians?

What is fair pay? So you go to the salon and pay somewhere between £7 and £20 for a haircut (women, don’t get involved, I know you pay more blah blah, I’m sorry). We feel this is fair, we feel […]

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The Making of Our Shiny New Website

A few months ago The Wondersmiths reached a decision. Our EP ONE was about to hit iTunes, we’d built up our twitter and facebook to a respectable point, we’d even got round to releasing a music video, but something was […]

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