A few months ago The Wondersmiths reached a decision. Our EP ONE was about to hit iTunes, we’d built up our twitter and facebook to a respectable point, we’d even got round to releasing a music video, but something was missing. Where was our home as a band? Yes we were scattered across the internet and with a very low effort google search you’d have no trouble finding us, but we didn’t really belong anywhere. Upon this realisation we promptly decided it was time to build a website. We’d attempting this in previous years, but always come up short with a shoddy moonfruit domain, slapped together after a remedial evenings work, with very little of the ‘Shiny’ quality we were looking for. It was time to get in a professional, cutting corners wasn’t working. In stepped Alex Franklin. When he’s not being my brother he spends the rest of his time as a genius web developer/ entrepreneur (with my roots as a musician it’s difficult to believe we’re related!). After discussing the brief for what we needed the website to be, Alex set to work on making our half formed ideas a reality. Fortunately Alex is the most hardworking man I have ever known, the words ‘cutting corners’ do not exist in his vocabulary, so after a couple of weeks we more or less had the bare bones of what the site would be. The next focus was on building the shop, the bottom line was we didn’t want to sell shit products, even if it meant we wouldn’t make as much money. We’ve worked with Alex’s own clothing company A.M. custom clothing to bring you the highest quality products that are available on the market today. To highlight JUST how high quality the products we’re providing you with, we did a little bit of digging on other people using the same supply chain as ourselves. Below is a couple of examples of the brands we found.

Now the likelihood is that most of you have heard of Vivienne Westwood, and possibly EJF (Environmental Justice Foundation) as well. As you can imagine, by using the same factory, we are able to provide products of equivalent quality. We are of the mind that If it’s good enough for some of the world’s biggest fashion icons and brands, then it’s sure as hell good enough for The Wondersmiths.

Aside from great quality and fair pricing, we have made sure that nearly everything we produce is carbon neutral, and where this is not possible, we use the most sustainable materials possible. Our clothing is Earth Positive accredited and certified by the Fair Wear Foundation ensuring ethics, fairness at factory level. Further, our products are GOTS certified organic, which is deemed the gold standard of organic. All of this leads to better quality products for you, without the need for foul play. If you'd like to find out more below EJF have an eye opening video on the shortcuts many retailers take when it comes to production.

Once we’d finished the shop, all we had to do was build our blog, this beauty you’re reading now. Unlike our old blog, as this is hosted on our own website, we've had to learn how to write the code for it ourselves. It’s amazing the random things we've had to learn as a band in order to move forward. We've had to turn our hand to all sorts, from making and producing our own videos, to marketing, even having to write these blogs in the early days was completely out of our comfort zone. I’d never ever have thought that being part of a band would have involved learning how to code, but here we all are doing it. We've been on a long journey as a band. It’s pushed and pulled us in ways I would never have imagined when we first started this. But every time we've hit a road block, with a little help from good family and friends we've moved forward, more ready than ever for the next challenge. I think I speak for every member when I say there is no task we wouldn't undertake for this band, and nothing we do for each other. For that reason and with the unwavering support from you our #WonderFans I believe one day soon the hard work will pay off and we’ll all be able to make music for a living full time.

As ever thanks for reading #WonderFans