It’s been a while but we’re back on the road! We’re kicking off October with a run of London dates, playing some old favourites, as well making our mark on a few London venues where we’ve yet to plant our flag / sew our seed /

Friday 3rd we’re teaming up with our friends over at ‘Jubilee’ to blast out another of their renowned club nights at Camden’s Barfly. If you’ve been to one before, you’ll know exactly why Camden is considered the live music capital of England. Held in one of Camden’s iconic venues, the night is set to be one of our biggest gigs yet in the city’s most vibrant borough.

After the weekend – Tuesday 7th, we’re travelling to Kings College’s esteemed SU - The Waterfront bar. Having only graduated this year, I can more than understand the financial squeeze after a full week of blowing your student loan during Freshers week! - But if there’s anything left in the kitty, and you fancy a slight change from the continual single beat backing track of club music - get yourself down to The Waterfront bar, where we intend to get sweaty, loud and a little bit messy! If you can’t afford it, you can always pawn your laptop - or take a holiday at ‘flu camp’.

The following Friday 10th, we’re headlining a completely new, boldly fresh experience ‘Surya Sessions’ – at Surya, Kings Cross. This is a massive opportunity for us as a band, and for you #WonderFans. The reason this is going to be such a good night is that Surya have called in a film crew and will be tactically placing them around the venue with the intention of turning your night out, into a music video! ‘Surya Sessions’ is set to champion the new music standard, through the launch of their YouTube channel, a platform engineered to provide music lovers with a resource to find the coolest emerging acts on the scene, as well as giving them a second chance to see their favourite bands perform live. It’s a real honour to have been asked to take the stage and be a part of the first film shoot so of course it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t have you guys there! In short, if you’re interested in getting a cheeky five- minutes-of-fame, whilst enjoying some quality music (us) then get yourself to Kings Cross!

We’ve then got a couple of nights off to shoot our next music video (more on that in another post!). So right at the end of October – well – beginning of November, we’re playing a bit of a special one. With a nod towards Halloween (the night before), the team behind ‘Camden Rocks Festival’ are taking over the whole of Camden for a ghoulishly themed all-day-and-all-night festival. As it’s the first big festival we’ve played in London this year, we’ll be kicking our celebrations into overdrive, likely dressing up in something ridiculous, maybe all four of us could form a giant ‘rocking’ horse??... #SpotThePun #OpenToABetterIdea!! But with the likes of @KingCharlesUK and @bloodredshoes taking the stage, our budget costume’s won’t be enough to put you off coming, and I can guarantee you won’t be able to find a single party in London that is bigger or louder than this one for Halloween.

That about rounds up our gigging calendar for the moment, more dates will be on the way very soon! Can’t wait to see your beautiful faces at these gigs #WonderFans! Whether you want to star in a music video, wear a cape, or just get really drunk in some of London’s coolest venues, one of these gigs will certainly be your cup of tea. Can’t wait to get things started, see you there guys!


Jubilee Club @ Camden Barfly: Friday 3rd October
Event: Camden Barfly
Tickets: £4 guest list (click the link above) Or £7 on the door.

Surya Sessions @ Surya, Kings Cross: Friday 10th October
Event: Surya Sessions
Tickets: £5 advanced: Advanced Tickets
Or £7 on the door.

Nightmare Festival @ Camden High street: Saturday 1st November
Event: Nightmare Festival
Tickets: £20 Early Bird: Early Bird Tickets