Calling all #WonderFans, we’re back!!!!!! Well in truth we haven’t actually gone anywhere but for reasons unbeknownst to us we haven’t been blogging. Luckily that’s all about to change.

So let’s refresh, what was the last blog about? That’s right Oli was blogging about all the shows we had coming up. From ‘Surya Sessions’ (Kings Cross) to the incredible ‘Nightmare Festival’ (Camden) as well as all those in between. So I guess that makes this a pretty straight forward blog for me, as I’m going to give you the brief run-down of you how each show went.

Friday 3rd October saw us perform another show at one of our favourites, Barfly in Camden (@TheBarflyHQ) with our friend’s @jubileeclub. In case you aren’t in the know, this is an event that happens every couple of weeks where three or four bands perform to a packed out Barfly crowd, however the event doesn’t start until 11pm so it’s a nice alternative to the same old generic club music and cheesy floor fillers.
What an evening it turned out to be (eventually after Dave’s parking fiasco which I won’t go into, lets just say 15 minutes later and with a little help from a disgruntled onlooker he got it in the space). We took to the stage at 12:30, so you can imagine before the show the energy levels were low. We perked up upon seeing the packed out venue rocking for the band before, and pretty soon after we were pumped and playing one of our sweatiest, crowd engaging shows to date. So much so that I still had that tingly feeling I get every time you guys chant along to ‘I know Better’ when I clambered into bed at FOUR AM!!!


Friday 10th October was a completely different yet none the less satisfying show partly down to the fact we found some free parking ten meters away from the venue (As you can tell parking always plays a big part in setting the tone of the night!). The venue was ‘Surya’, which is a funky little venue in Kings Cross. This show was the first in which we properly used our new toy a sampler/trigger pad which we have found has completely revolutionised our set. Not only has the pad enabled for a much bigger sound its also finally given me back the freedom to run around on stage like I’m sure a lot of you know is up there in my top seven things to do in life. Anyway I won’t bore you with details about that. The show was so nice and laid back and far more intimate than the week before, but not to say worse. In fact we enjoyed it so much we are going back to play a Christmas show on Tuesday 23rd December which will be sweeeeet! Just don’t forget your Christmas hats.

November 1st was probably the most notable of all the shows we’ve played recently. We packed our things and headed back up to camden to play ‘Nightmare Festival’ at the incredible Hawley Arms (@the_hawley_arms). For those that haven’t heard of Nightmare, it’s the sister festival of the prestigious ‘Camden Rocks’, the only difference is you have to dress up (it’s the law). Unfortunately though, due to lack of numbers we couldn’t go as The Power Rangers.

So I headed out armed with wand and scar as Zombie Harry potter, escorted by a pair of Mexican Zombies and whatever Alex was supposed to be (an outfit which I can only describe as a transvestite crack fox.) It’s fair to say, we were ready to rock and roll. It was such an incredible show not only due to the amount of people crammed into the venue but also because it was one of the first times we have ever actually travelled up by train with some of you beloved #WonderFans. I can safely say however it was definitely the first (hopefully not last) time we’ve travelled down with you guys looking like something out of a budget horror movie or an episode of Scooby Doo.


Although these were possibly the three most notable gigs we’ve played this month, they were however not the only ones.  We had a lot of fun @camdenmonarch playing in support of Oxfam at #Oxjam Fest, as well as a trip all the way up to the midlands to play in Tamworth. As much as I wish I could I just can’t fit all the shows into this blog I’m afraid. I can promise however that we will be getting back onto this blogging malarkey as from now.

Thanks for reading,

#WonderLove you guys – Chris.