The Wondersmiths

December 2014

Dave on being a Granddad and his 7 favourite things to do at Christmas (that you can’t any other time of year)…

OK so first things first… Obviously I’m not a granddad – but I did turn 30 last week… And in ‘rockstar’ years that’s pretty damn old… I’ve already outlived Hendrix, Buckley and Winehouse to name a few fallen stars. Perhaps […]

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It’s The Most WONDERful Time of The Year

The degrees are slowly dropping off, and so will my fingers if we play any more gigs this year, but I hardly think that will stop us. We’re reaching the end of our Calendar and we’re having one last #WonderBlowout […]

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#PublicAdmiration The Music Video

Another cold and wintery day in front of the camera for a band that proudly relates itself to the happier scenes of summer. And as we ask ourselves for the seventh time, ‘why didn’t we do this in June?’, things […]

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