The degrees are slowly dropping off, and so will my fingers if we play any more gigs this year, but I hardly think that will stop us. We're reaching the end of our Calendar and we're having one last #WonderBlowout to bring a close to 2014.

To mark any and every occasion I need at least some time thrashing out some indie tunes with my boys, so a Christmas gig is in order and you're all invited! By this point ‘The Wondersmiths’ feels like its transcended job status, we've grown outside the ephemeral fabric comprising our collective band existence and joined into a fabulous quilt of wonderment stitched together by the many people who really make The Wondersmiths what it is, something far bigger than the four of us.
Working towards a common goal for this long with such incredible people has created an unexplainable group psyche, blending musician and fan into one (maybe we start calling ourselves ‘fusicians’ now, I don't know.) It might seem ridiculous from the outside, but if you are reading this and truly consider yourself a #WonderFan, you know we know who you are and I know you know what I that's a mouthful to say. It nonetheless goes without saying (but I'll say it anyway) that we flipping love you guys! Of course I imagine this kind of unity is more difficult for an act the size of One Direction to achieve but I think it's fair to say the level of connection we feel with you guys goes beyond just 'fans'. Call it lame if you like, but it really is a rare and precious feeling in today's very cut off/ processed music industry to feel truly connected to the people who support the music being created.

I think of this separation of fan and musician is like Fridge Raiders, they're almost chicken...but not quite, there's always going to be something a little bit off about them, no matter how delicious they seem when 8 pints deep. The Wondersmiths and The WonderFans, however, are premium-locally-sourced-free-range-fairtrade-award-winning M&S finest, there's no mistaking the authenticity, far more succulence than succubus. I feel plugged in, plugged into the music, plugged into you guys (not in a sexy way, Christ no) but let's face it - we might as well be family by this point, so a celebration is a must! We've opted to return to an old favourite, Surya (You may remember us shooting a video there recently, or remember Chris pronouncing the venues name wrong with the kind of blind persistence found only in black budget military operations) it's in Kings Cross, so perfect for both the home fans and you London folk, who always so kindly keep the seats in our second home warm.

So head down to Surya on the 23rd this December for a night of high spirits, drinkable spirits, and something else to do with spirits so I can make this ‘power of three’ work (spirit levels? Nah, that’s crap!). This show is for the fans, so we have a few surprises up our sleeves. Surprises that will definitely involve a couple of brand new, never heard before tracks, will probably involve me trying desperately to stay sober so I don't drop my sticks, and if we're lucky, might even involve Dave dropping his trousers... like the good old days (there I go with my power of threes again) but you'll have to wait and see If that gem emerges! As a little Christmas bonus (our best most earnest efforts to remunerate the unending support we get from you guys) - we've decided to make the night FREE ENTRY!

I'll even get my Christmas Pudding out for this one!

We cannot thank you all enough, but we can invite you to a Christmas party, so if you can make it, get down to Surya and we promise you'll have a most WONDERful Time.

That about wraps it up for this week’s blog, I can't flipping wait to see you all on the 23rd, this one will be a #WonderChristmas to remember!