Another cold and wintery day in front of the camera for a band that proudly relates itself to the happier scenes of summer. And as we ask ourselves for the seventh time, 'why didn't we do this in June?', things start to fall into place... between the comedy out-takes of hapless elderly women ruining shots on the way to their Volvos from a local community yoga class.

In the spirit of the song, our search for scenes of urban grime and decay took us to the back end of Camden, a skate park in Milton Keynes, and Luton town centre (which, for those in the know, is faintly reminiscent of a post-apocalyptic dystopian nightmare). With the aid of our majestic in-house videographer Tim, and a chance meeting with a local BMX wizard, we began our most ambitious effort to date in high spirits, despite the arctic temperatures and unsettling locations.

Having decided to attempt the (theoretically) easy task of creating a time-lapse video, we had to film and play to a backing track of 'Public Admiration' edited to half-time, which our devolved apish drummer Oli, straddling the evolutionary line between Homo Erectus and Homo Ergaster, found particularly difficult. As take after take of ill-attempted drum-syncing took place, the rest of us could only look on in shame, getting ever colder with every misplaced swing of his sticks.

We did, however, succeed in the end. As I sit writing this in delightful comfort and warmth, the editing is already well underway. On the sofa opposite me Tim is hard at work while Oli and Chris cuddle and flirt, exchanging a plethora of childish in-jokes and poor impressions. Nevertheless we hope to bring the video to you soon! And if you (understandably) can't wait that long, Public Admiration is out now as a single on iTunes! We'd love to hear what you think, and we want to hear from you, so get a hold of us or come and have a beer at one of our shows. We're at the New Cross Inn in South East London on Thursday. See you there.