1: We released the music video for #Insignificant

After another one of our traditionally cold video shoots we managed to piece together the music video for Insignificant. This was no easy task with Dave meddling with continuity, laughing over shots and just generally messing around, of course there were other challenges...but most of them began and ended with Dave. The primary objective of the day was to annoy Chris. Alex, Dave and I probably put a fair bit more effort into this than the actual shooting. Fortunately Ian our videographer was patient with our childish antics. Chris on the other hand was about as patient as those annoying shits on ‘My Super Sweet 16’, but with more concern in imposing Martial Law on us than getting the colour of his balloons right. It’s quite likely that we were the ones to incite this behaviour in Chris, rather than the other way round. However you want to look at it, it was still verrrry funny. You can check out some of Chris’ vitriol in the behind the scenes.

2: We played a major London festival

Halloween had arrived and we decided to celebrate in style. So we headed down to Camden High Street, with a band of disfigured #WonderFans (mostly down to their costumes) to play Nightmare Festival. The festival was comprised of 11 venues up and down Camden High Street. Our post for the night was at The Hawley Arms, a great little place, packed full of rustic artwork and a green room full of free band beer. After making a dent in said band beer, we made our way down to what was the hottest stage on earth. The room was packed to bursting point so we committed ourselves to pushing through the heat and gave every last kilojoule of energy we had. The night was a roaring success, we made a lot of new friends and just had a generally all round amazing time.

3: We set up our shiny new website, it even has a shop!

You lot reading this are bearing witness to this glorious achievement right now, so go have an explore! (probably finish reading this blog first!) Last year we finally decided to put a bit more effort into the website, a moonfruit domain just wasn't cutting it anymore. We set to work at creating a user friendly platform to tie together all of our social networks and give us a space to sell a few knick knacks of the Wonder variety. So I know the Christmas season is over and we're all poor again, but if you fancy yourself a new Tee, Hoodie, Jumper etc, look no further!

I don't want to bore you all too much with all the stuff that happened in 2014, a lot got packed in that’s probably been covered in earlier blogs, so let’s take a cheeky look to the future instead.

Big Plans for 2015:

1: A UK Tour!!!!

At long last we've started to set the wheels in motion for a UK tour. There’s a lot still to be done, but you can rest assured we will be in a city near you soon! This year we are planning to travel further than we ever have before, I’m not going to give too much away at this stage, but I can tell you a list of cities has been compiled based on where we know a lot of you have been asking us to play for quite some time, and a few others that we just quite fancied going to. The booking is all well under way, so stay tuned for further announcements!

2: Another single release!

As a lot of you will know our track #Public Admiration was officially released on New Years Day with a glorious new video made possible with the expertise of our mate Tim. I’d give him an official title like in-house videographer but I did that earlier with Ian, so for now we're sticking with our mate Tim. Anyway he has a real artistic eye for these things so we had him stay down for a few days and we split the shooting between Camden (our favourite London Borough) and Luton (our home town). The song is about a girl spiralling out of control in her pursuit for ‘Public Admiration’ it’s best put like that because admiration comes in a lot of forms. Does she want fame? Yes, but in many ways it’s the admiration of those closest around her she’s looking for, like a lot of people I guess. In this pursuit things get pretty rough for her so the theme we gave Tim for the shoot was, ‘whatever looks a bit grimy’ (There was more to it than that, but this section is getting pretty full). Now Camden is actually quite nice so we tried our best to cook up some shots of the above nature, but in the end most of the shots just looked pretty, but hey they still looked cool. Luton however was less of a challenge. We stayed on theme so again set to shooting what we deemed ‘The grimiest parts of Luton’. now Luton isn't all bad, it’s our home town after all, but I'd be lying if I said it was difficult to find the grimiest parts… because they're sort of everywhere. In the end though like a parent loves a child, Luton is our home town so we love it unconditionally and it did yield us what we needed, so hats off to you Luton. Eventually we got all the shots and edited it together, then we gave the folks down at Vevo a call and now they're hosting our video so that’s pretty damn epic. This year we have another release on it’s way, set to land at the end of Feb, an official date hasn’t been set in stone yet, but will be decided soon, so keep your eyes and ears open! If you have a few minutes click the hash tag and watch away #Public Admiration.

3: New Music!

If you're a dedicated #WonderFan, you are probably aware that we haven't put any new tracks into our set for a little while. Well that’s all about to change. We have 3 new records on the way! A new year means new music, and so we've sat down and written a few new numbers ready to showcase in our coming gigs. If you're looking for a reason to come and see us live, this is the one. It will be a while until we can get back in the studio, so if you're looking for a bit more Wondersmiths to tide you over while you wait for the next release come and see us at a show, we'll have a beer and a chat!

I could quite happily go on all day, but i'll have to save it for the beer and the chat, hope you all enjoyed the festive season!