As Chris and I sat down with a mountain of beers, homemade meatballs, Costco pizza, hot wings and damn fine company (all seemingly international prerequisites where super bowl snacking is concerned. Well except for the company...definitely don't eat the company), we had time to reflect on the magnificence and glory of Katy Perry. Apologies to the New England Patriots, and the Sea Hawks, you both played a brilliant game (no spoilers), but we were far more interested in ol’ Katy P’s half time show, and that was, at least for the most part, due to her lovely fun bags, and yes I do mean lungs.

Any seasoned #WonderFan will have at least a degree of understanding as to just how much we flipping love Katy. We've adapted both Roar and California Gurls for our set, giving them that indie twist while secretly wishing we had written the originals ourselves. So for Chris and I, her 12 minute medley of hits was something to get seriously excited about. She opened her set with probably our favourite of her songs, Roar, on which she began by straddling a giant mechanical Lion. The majestic scene took me back to my childhood, huddled up under my covers early on a Saturday morning watching Leo Prime wreak havoc on GMTV’s classic 90’s show Transformers Beast Wars (Just because they didn't decide to adopt that particular story arc of the show into a film franchise doesn't make it any less a was a classic for me alright!). So I'm clearly getting a bit sidetracked here, but the point i'm trying to make is Katy Perry was singing on a God damn gigantic MECHANICAL LION! I mean let’s face it you have to be a pretty dynamic performer to still be able to be note for note perfect while being bombarded from all sides by hundreds of thousands of ear splitting cheers while atop a 20 foot lion. Whereas our own dynamic frontman Chris can barely manage to keep his tuning in a 50 cap venue after 2 pints of stella and a fist full of vocalzones. So we ask... what’s her secret?

Perhaps it's the tiny dresses…she’s always in a tiny dress, maybe there is some kind of vocal bolstering power generated from a tiny dress that we are yet to fully understand. Then again do we really want Chris in a tiny dress? I'm not saying your legs don't make the cut Chris I'm sure they would look very pretty in a flowery number, but maybe it’s not something all our fans are interested in seeing (saying that, some of you may be, if so please let us know and we could start up some kind of clothing bank for unwanted tiny dresses). More than likely though it’s down to her sheer unrelenting dedication to her music, and to the performances she gives. It’s a rare quality to find in the everyday hum drum pop stars being rolled out at a higher rate than ever before, and definitely something we are striving to achieve in our own musical endeavours.
I think in all honesty this is the main reason we LOVE Katy Perry so much, because she isn't just a singer is she? She is a performer. Now I’m not for one moment comparing us to Katy P but i am suggesting that we share a lot of the same values. The big one being that a live performance should ACTUALLY be a performance. I suppose thats not for us to judge though, that’s your job as our fans, as I know Katy Perry herself takes great care in pleasing her fans as well.

I guess the only thing to add to this now is that if you haven’t already, you need to watch her performance from last night (oh and dont forget to watch Lynch and co in the football bit as well #BeastMode)

Thanks for reading #WonderFans

#WonderLove Oli & Chris