Hey #WonderFans, now this maybe a little bit of a surprise but we are back!! (well with the blogging anyway). In truth we haven't actually been away, just off the grid for a little while. But this hasn’t been wasted time, as we’ve spent the last couple of months writing, re writing and recording some brand new tracks that we cannot wait to show you! Before you hear them though I’d like to talk a little about each song as a whole.

The first track on we set down, ‘Side by Side’, is a track that we are all really proud of. We experienced one of those rare moments when everything from the song itself to the artwork complimenting it, came together just as we wanted. We tried to create a song that touches those moments when we feel truly free to break out from our “normal” and recapture the magic of our everyday lives. Exploring what it means to truly live is something we can all relate too through a killer pop hook regardless of the occasion we have in mind. This track is probably our catchiest yet, but we’ll let you make up your own minds about that.

The artwork for this record may look a little wacky at a first glance, and i suppose the brief we sent David Hunt (trusted friend and Brilliant designer of our debut EP ‘ONE’) was no better. There is a line in the song “Your Sparkle like a Disco ball here’s crazy” which we originally wrote as “I feel we’re as tall as a disco ball here baby”. Now the most obvious and immediate issue we had with this lyric was disco balls aren’t tall are they? Nope, high maybe, but tall, no. This lyric got us thinking and after much deliberation somehow manifested itself as an amalgamation of War Of the World’s meets Dirty Dancing. I think it works, don’t you? While we are here I would like to put it on record my and our gratitude to David Hunt for coming up with this masterpiece from our crazy brief, you’re my boy!!

‘We Were Young’ is a track that we have played around with for a very long time in two or three different formats. We have worked and reworked it, but each time we wrote it we were never quite happy enough to settle. The main issue we had was the chorus, it just wasn’t strong enough! It's strange how a different setting can make all the difference creatively as we were chipping away at this for months at WonderHQ yet came up with nothing. fifteen minutes in The Animal Farm studio, and we had cracked it. When you listen to the lyrics to this song you will hear about a guy reliving or reminiscing on a childhood friendship and I suppose in some way his story is inspired by my own experiences. This is probably one of the first tracks we’ve written where i can conclusively say, “yeah this song could be about me”. The track itself has a lot more of a bluesy feel to it than Side by Side’s poppy backgrounds, however on a whole i would say that the tracks aren't a million miles apart. Both have catchy hooks and both have massive backing harmonies in the chorus, which build the respective tracks to their climactic endings.

To summarise, we are delighted to be back, really excited to show you the new tracks and we cannot wait to bring you even more music in the early new year!

For the time being though you can find both these tracks on our soundcloud here and they will be live for download on itunes November 27th.

Thanks for reading #WonderFans