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Well #WonderFans, this is now the fourth edition of #WonderWeekOfMusicNews and I’m sure some of you are wondering why there hasn’t been any Miley Cyrus news yet. Well don’t fear people this week I shall not disappoint. According to this article (by David Renshaw of the NME) » Cyrus has a new video out, at this point I admit this isn’t exactly exciting news. But wait until you actually see it. Boy oh boy Miley Cyrus you are something else. This video is for the track ‘BB Talk’ which can only be described as complete and utter garbage, and that’s just the track let alone the video. So this video is of Miley Cyrus dressed as a baby with a dummy. Yup I did say Miley Cyrus dressed as a baby with a dummy.

Now I understand (or at least I did once I found out via urban dictionary that BB talk means baby talk, the official definition of BB is Netspeak for baby, most likely used at the end a phrase as an added emphasis or exaggeration. For example, ‘those r sum nice eyes uv got der, bb.’) But seriously this to me screams lost the plot. Now don’t get me wrong I love twenty three year old drug addicts dressed in an oversized nappy and bonnet with a dummy as much as the next man does. But they belong on Jerry Springer with their forty five year old boyfriend who enjoyed it at first but has finally come to decide that enough is enough (que JERRY, JERRY then some kind of confrontation). I can’t really speak much more about this video really because quite frankly there isn’t anything else I can say other than you need to watch it right now, then call an ambulance because there is a twenty three year old baby choking on a dummy and she quite clearly needs some help.

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