The Band

Christopher Horncastle (Lead vocals, synth)
David Owen (Guitar, backing vocals)
Aleksis Kaltio (Bass guitar)
Oli Franklin (Drums, backing vocals)

The Wondersmiths combine Electro Indie Rock to forge a wonderful alloy tailor made for the manufacture of killer anthemic pop hooks.

Wondervocalist Chris, who studied acting and confesses to auditioning for and almost being cast in Skins, formed the band with his brother-in-law, Wonderguitarist Dave, in 2009. Looking for a bassist they found Aleks whose dad co-wrote several Guns'n'Roses songs with Izzy Stradlin. The Wondersmiths' pedal board includes one prize possession: a distortion box that used to belong to Slash. Drummer Oli was recruited from the local scene.

The Luton based band quickly rose to the top of the local band tree by winning a new band competition to perform a showcase event at the legendary Marshall Amplification Theatre in Milton Keynes, establishing a reputation with their sweaty, often semi naked performances.

BBC Introducing support followed as did a deal with local label Hillside Records.

The Wondermith's have opened for Grouplove, The Maccabees, Bloc Party and Tribes. They perform regularly in clubs throughout the SouthEast and have a growing online following.

News of The Wondersmiths's prowess reached London in early 2014 when The Animal Farm picked up the thread by producing the band's forthcoming string of singles for release on The Animal Farm label.

"The Wondersmiths have just as much substance as style. Young they may be, but they certainly aren’t wet behind the ears. Their particular brand of indie showcases a lyrical maturity and musical ability that bands work years on developing.” - Devil’s Aardvark Review