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Hey #WonderFans, this week’s blog is going to be a little different from what we normally do and potentially has the legs to run as a theme (if you guys like it of course). So it’s a very simple concept […]

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Two New Tracks!

Hey #WonderFans, now this maybe a little bit of a surprise but we are back!! (well with the blogging anyway). In truth we haven’t actually been away, just off the grid for a little while. But this hasn’t been wasted […]

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Cool things that happened in 2014 & the cool stuff to come in 2015

1: We released the music video for #Insignificant After another one of our traditionally cold video shoots we managed to piece together the music video for Insignificant. This was no easy task with Dave meddling with continuity, laughing over shots […]

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Dave on being a Granddad and his 7 favourite things to do at Christmas (that you can’t any other time of year)…

OK so first things first… Obviously I’m not a granddad – but I did turn 30 last week… And in ‘rockstar’ years that’s pretty damn old… I’ve already outlived Hendrix, Buckley and Winehouse to name a few fallen stars. Perhaps […]

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It’s The Most WONDERful Time of The Year

The degrees are slowly dropping off, and so will my fingers if we play any more gigs this year, but I hardly think that will stop us. We’re reaching the end of our Calendar and we’re having one last #WonderBlowout […]

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What’s On This Month: The Wondersmiths Guide to Gigging (well to our gigs at least)

It’s been a while but we’re back on the road! We’re kicking off October with a run of London dates, playing some old favourites, as well making our mark on a few London venues where we’ve yet to plant our […]

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