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ThrowBack Monday (cause we break the rules) The Good Ship

Every so often we come across a really special venue. A venue that will treat both the musicians and customers right, making sure at the end of an evening – everyone can go home with a smile on their face. […]

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Trial and Error: My first month as a full-time musician.

When you think of what a musician is, a few things probably spring to mind. Someone who creates loud but wonderful noises, a person who spends their time split between a studio and a stage, a person who somehow makes […]

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5 things an unemployed post-graduate is probably going through right now

1: Moving home: For those of us that haven’t been blessed (or sometimes cursed) with the glorious privilege of full time employment, the great likelihood is we’ll have to move home. Now moving home isn’t all bad. The rent is […]

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