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Two New Tracks!

Hey #WonderFans, now this maybe a little bit of a surprise but we are back!! (well with the blogging anyway). In truth we haven’t actually been away, just off the grid for a little while. But this hasn’t been wasted […]

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It’s The Most WONDERful Time of The Year

The degrees are slowly dropping off, and so will my fingers if we play any more gigs this year, but I hardly think that will stop us. We’re reaching the end of our Calendar and we’re having one last #WonderBlowout […]

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Back on the Blogs!!

Calling all #WonderFans, we’re back!!!!!! Well in truth we haven’t actually gone anywhere but for reasons unbeknownst to us we haven’t been blogging. Luckily that’s all about to change. So let’s refresh, what was the last blog about? That’s right […]

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Trial and Error: My first month as a full-time musician.

When you think of what a musician is, a few things probably spring to mind. Someone who creates loud but wonderful noises, a person who spends their time split between a studio and a stage, a person who somehow makes […]

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The Beautiful Game

Once every four years something very special happens to us on this rock we call Home. It manages to unify all the different cultures, gangs and groups we have in this country. A magical force enraptures us all within it’s […]

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Alex’s Top 5 World Cup Wonder-Moments

As you (should) know, we’re a band of football louts, and when we’ve not been hard at work with wonder-business, we’ve been revelling in the world cup… aside from Oli, who’s too neolithic and ape-like. To celebrate, I’ve compiled a […]

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